Welcome to Adrian Today

Adrian TodayHello, and welcome to the brand-new (seriously, don’t sit down, the paint is still wet) Adrian Today.

What is Adrian Today? Well, there’s not much to tell. Adrian Today is an online community news site with one focus, and one focus only: telling stories about life in and around Adrian, Michigan.

Adrian Today is born out of a handful of core principles.  We’re committed to Adrian and Lenawee County.  We believe that when communities come together, there’s nothing they can’t do.  And we believe in the power of journalism — the power to educate, the power to right wrongs, and perhaps most of all, the power to foster an engaged and caring community.

You may have heard that journalism is dying.  We don’t believe it.  We believe there is a strong future for local journalism, especially if it’s born out of local entrepreneurship — and we’re aiming to prove it.

So who are we?

Well, my name is Erik Gable.  I moved to Lenawee County in 2005 and to Adrian in 2008, and spent seven years at The Daily Telegram, first as news editor and then as special projects editor. Since the spring of 2012, I’ve been working in Toledo as the adviser to The Independent Collegian, the University of Toledo’s student newspaper, where I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented student journalists whose passion and dedication reminds me daily of why I chose this profession in the first place.

I’ll be joined by Renee Lapham Collins, a Tecumseh native whose journalism career began in 1986 at the Saline Reporter and Milan News, which would eventually become part of the Heritage Newspapers chain.  Renee and I met when our careers overlapped at the Telegram in 2005 and 2006; she then went to work for Lenawee United Way before joining the faculty of Adrian College, where she is now an associate professor of journalism and the adviser to The College World, Adrian’s student paper.

I think Renee and I both often feel that we have the best jobs in the world.  But it turns out teaching about the news doesn’t take away the itch to write it yourself — and besides, we want to show our students that there is indeed a viable future in journalism, whether you go to work for an existing newspaper or find your own path.

And down the road, hopefully the team will grow.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  The first stories will be up later today.  Before too long, we’ll make the website more attractive.  Once we’ve started to build an audience, we’ll be lining up sponsors — connecting local businesses to consumers will be a big thing for us, because we know that locally owned businesses are one of the keys to a healthy community.

Oh, and we’re hoping to have some fun along the way.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can connect with us on Facebook or email info@adriantoday.com.  We’d love to hear from you.

We think this little project could turn out to be pretty cool.  Thanks for joining us on the journey.

  • http://www.gregbell.com Jerry Hayes

    Congratulations Erik and Renee! I’m excited to read your stories and wish you a great future.

  • Jeff Rising

    Nice work!

  • http://www.charismaink.com Gaynor Hardy Meilke

    Neat! I look forward to reading more–and maybe sending a few items of interest your way.

  • Harry Milliron


    yet again your dispatchers refuse to dispatch a unit, the sgt at the office threatened me with arrest while i was complaining. This type of harassment shall end today.

    I am filing complaints with everyone i can find, this has been happening over and over, it is now no question weather or not these actions are intentional or not! After many refusals to dispatch units this can only be seen as intentional and your failure to control this issue again intentional! I filed a complaint this morning at your office, i made many copies and had people witness my delivery, as the same for your sgt and his threats.

    The threats of being put in jail over complaining is a criminal act. This is typical of your department and needs to cease.

    I am requesting one final time to end this issue with your department and to know what the problem seems to be with your dispatch…

    This is way out of hand, your sgt stated i did not give an exact location, AN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY BEHIND THE CITY HALL IN ADRIAN BY THE ATM , HOW IS THIS NOT AN EXACT LOCATION?????? I hung up on the 911 operator mainly because they are SUPPOSED to dispatch a unit to hang ups. again this action never occurs.

    This needs to end.

    Mr. Milliron

  • Anne

    This site is great! Thanks for keeping us updated on Adrian events.