Photo Gallery: Family recreates “Blue Human Condition” in living sculpture

Ashley Cavazos-Franck of Adrian got several family members together on Sunday afternoon to recreate the pose shown in the sculpture “Blue Human Condition” by Mark Chatterley, which sparked complaints after it was installed as part of downtown Adrian’s Art Discovery trail.

Cavazos-Franck said she wanted to show that there was nothing inherently sexual about the poses shown, and to demonstrate that by posing with her own relatives. Pictured from left to right are her cousin, William Pooley of Blissfield; cousin, Julie Wilburn of Oregon, Ohio; husband, Joshua Franck of Adrian; brother, Andrew Pooley of Adrian; aunt, Kris Cavazos of Adrian; and a friend, Debbie Gedert of Oregon.

After getting into the pose the first time, the group staged a second set of photos while covering themselves with a blue tarp. The sculpture was covered and scheduled for removal after complaints were received about it; the city then agreed to hold off on removal after a movement began growing to keep the sculpture in place.

  • Jimmy Humphries

    Wow the people trying to say these poses are sexual REALLY want to see sex! This is so…. just not sexual at all!