“Blue Humans” to move to Yew Park

The sculpture “Blue Human Condition” will be moved from its current location next to the City Chambers Building to Yew Park on Winter Street.

Yew Park is located just north of Maumee Street.

City administrator Shane Horn made this statement in a press release issued this afternoon:

I want to personally thank the many people in the community who provided input to City Hall. Public input supports government transparency and improves decision making. I recognize there are likely to be people on both sides of the issue who are not satisfied, but I believe this decision provides an appropriate resolution.

The sculpture caused complaints when it was first installed, due to people viewing it as sexual in nature, then another controversy was sparked when it was covered with a blue tarp and scheduled for removal. A grassroots campaign arose under the slogan “Save the Blue Humans,” and a petition asking for the sculpture to not be removed gained over 600 signatures.

The sculpture is one of several in Adrian Art Discovery, an outdoor art display funded by the Maurice and Dorothy Stubnitz Foundation and the Harriet Kimball Fee Estate.

Update (5:08 p.m.): In response to followup questions, the city administrator told us that the original committee was not reconvened as previously planned. He said it was “an internal decision based upon received feedback and a desire to attempt to bring a satisfactory resolution to this issue.”

There is not currently a sculpture in Yew Park, but it has been used as a location in the past. A different sculpture will be placed in the space next to the City Chambers Building.

  • chrishamilton

    just drop it off at the sycamore tree

  • Pat Hartmann

    I personally like the new location better for the sculpture anyway. I think it is more visible than stuck in the small courtyard between the police station and the library, and I like the backdrop of the trees and bushes in the park.