Should West Maple Avenue have bike lanes?

Maple Avenue

The city of Adrian is considering adding bike lanes to West Maple Avenue after the road is resurfaced later this year.

The city commission discussed the idea at a study session before Monday night’s meeting. City administrator Shane Horn said the lanes would run from U.S. 223 on the west side of town to the downtown area, connecting to the Kiwanis Trail. He said the Kiwanis Trail is well-utilized and this would make it easier to access.

Maple Avenue is 40 feet wide on the west end of town, out toward U.S. 223, and narrows to between 30 and 32 feet past Scott Street.

The change would require doing away with on-street parking, but Horn said he’s been making a point of counting the cars parked on the street every time he drives it, and he’s never counted more than five. Parks and engineering services director Todd Brown said he doesn’t usually see more than six cars parked on Maple Avenue, although that number may increase on Saturdays with yard sales.

Brown said the city eliminated on-street parking on part of Division Street to make room for a turn lane, and “I thought we’d have a lot more complaints, but we had the opposite.”

The cost would be minimal, Brown said — just striping and signage, and the street will need to be striped after resurfacing anyway.

The city will seek feedback from Maple Avenue residents. If bike lanes are added, they would likely be in place later this fall.

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  • Anne

    The city of Adrian should add bike lanes to all main thoroughfares every time a road is resurfaced. It would encourage healthy transportation and offer a lot more versatility for those without a car. One of my favorite large cities is Madison, Wisconsin. They have bike lanes everywhere and strict laws to prevent the cars from blocking them. And the residents of the city are much healthier.

  • scott

    Yes! This is long overdue. Adding bike lanes is inexpensive, easy, and effective. Broadway and Siena Heights Dr. should be next in line, thereby connecting AC and SHU to each other and both to downtown. Adrian is poised to be a fantastic bike- and pedestrian-friendly community. This would be an excellent first step in that direction.