Last major obstacle to North Main Taco Bell is out of the way

Second Taco Bell in AdrianThe last major roadblock to a new Taco Bell restaurant on the north side of Adrian has been removed.

At issue is 0.27 acre of land adjacent to Island Park that the developer, Sundance Inc., wants to buy from the city in order to get the restaurant’s entrance far away from Albert Street to avoid causing problems with that intersection. A variety of problems were discovered in the process of trying to sell the property, including a clause giving 70 percent of any mineral rights to the state, and a requirement for the city to acquire an equivalent amount of land for recreational purposes; these stemmed from the city originally using DNR funds to buy the land.

For more background, see this previous story.

City administrator Shane Horn said Monday that the state has cleared the mineral rights restriction, which was the last major obstacle. The land swap will be relatively easy to arrange, he said.