City to keep parking lanes on Maple after residents object to removal

Maple Avenue

After receiving objections from several residents at Tuesday night’s Adrian City Commission meeting, commissioners decided not to remove parking from West Maple Avenue when it’s restriped later this year.

The road is scheduled to be resurfaced, and as a result will need restriping. That led to a discussion last month about the possibility of putting in bike lanes on both sides and prohibiting on-street parking. However, a number of residents said that because their homes don’t have large driveways, they depend on on-street parking, especially when friends and family visit.

Maple Avenue resident Marcia Harrington said only a handful of cyclists use Maple, and the idea of prohibiting residents from parking in front of their homes is “not fair to us as homeowners that live on the street and pay our taxes.”

However, the idea of adding more bike lanes in the city did garner some support. Greg Adams said anything the city can do to modernize and increase wellness is good, and Don Taylor suggested looking for a way to make the street more bike-friendly without eliminating parking altogether.

The commission ended up voting 6-0 against the removal of parking, but did decide to add a turn lane between Main and Winter, where parking isn’t allowed anyway.

  • scott

    I wish so badly I could say I’m surprised, both by the resistance on the part of residents and by the vote of the commission, but I’m not at all. I would, however, note that (1) it’s possible “only a handful” of cyclists use Maple precisely because there are no bike lanes and safety is a constant concern, and (2) the cyclists who do and do not use Maple “pay our taxes” also. Hear, hear to Mr. Adams’ recommendation that work to modernize Adrian and to increase the health of our residents, and kudos to Mr. Taylor for wanting to explore creative solutions that might satisfy all road users in the face those who would rather uphold the status quo on the basis of tired and nearsighted arguments.