Kiwanis Trail

Who uses the Kiwanis Trail? Resident surveys trail users to find out

After a discussion at an Adrian City Commission meeting earlier this summer about resurfacing part of the Kiwanis Trail, which runs from Adrian almost all the way to Tecumseh, city resident John Kuschell started wondering what kind of use the trail gets. But instead of just wondering, he decided to find out. He designed a survey and visited the trail 21 times during July and August, taking three hours per visit and traveling the entire length. With the help of Tom MacNaughton, Re-Bicycle Lenawee, Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery, Maple City Wheelers and the YMCA of Lenawee County, he conducted 233 face-to-face interviews along the trail and gathered offsite responses from trail users, as well as counting the number of people using the trail at different times of day. The final tally was the result of counting 720 trail users, conducting face-to-face interviews with 233, and collecting written surveys from 71 more. We’ll post more about the findings later, but in the meantime, here’s what the survey found. Continue Reading

Maple Avenue

City to keep parking lanes on Maple after residents object to removal

After receiving objections from several residents at Tuesday night’s Adrian City Commission meeting, commissioners decided not to remove parking from West Maple Avenue when it’s restriped later this year. The road is scheduled to be resurfaced, and as a result will need restriping. That led to a discussion last month about the possibility of putting in bike lanes on both sides and prohibiting on-street parking. However, a number of residents said that because their homes don’t have large driveways, they depend on on-street parking, especially when friends and family visit. Maple Avenue resident Marcia Harrington said only a handful of cyclists use Maple, and the idea of prohibiting residents from parking in front of their homes is “not fair to us as homeowners that live on the street and pay our taxes.” Continue Reading

Maple Avenue

Bike lanes, turn lane, or no change? Maple Avenue on city commission’s agenda

Maple Avenue will need its stripes repainted after an upcoming resurfacing project — but it might not look the same. The Adrian City Commission will consider three options at its next meeting, which is at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the City Chambers Building. The options are:

Removing the on-street parking area and adding bike lanes. Removing the on-street parking area and adding a center turn lane. Keeping the street as-is except for adding a turn lane between Main and Winter streets. Continue Reading

Second Taco Bell in Adrian

Last major obstacle to North Main Taco Bell is out of the way

The last major roadblock to a new Taco Bell restaurant on the north side of Adrian has been removed. At issue is 0.27 acre of land adjacent to Island Park that the developer, Sundance Inc., wants to buy from the city in order to get the restaurant’s entrance far away from Albert Street to avoid causing problems with that intersection. A variety of problems were discovered in the process of trying to sell the property, including a clause giving 70 percent of any mineral rights to the state, and a requirement for the city to acquire an equivalent amount of land for recreational purposes; these stemmed from the city originally using DNR funds to buy the land. For more background, see this previous story. City administrator Shane Horn said Monday that the state has cleared the mineral rights restriction, which was the last major obstacle. Continue Reading

Maple Avenue

Should West Maple Avenue have bike lanes?

The city of Adrian is considering adding bike lanes to West Maple Avenue after the road is resurfaced later this year. The city commission discussed the idea at a study session before Monday night’s meeting. City administrator Shane Horn said the lanes would run from U.S. 223 on the west side of town to the downtown area, connecting to the Kiwanis Trail. He said the Kiwanis Trail is well-utilized and this would make it easier to access. Maple Avenue is 40 feet wide on the west end of town, out toward U.S. 223, and narrows to between 30 and 32 feet past Scott Street. Continue Reading