Laura Parra stands in front of the former Red Door tavern, which she is trying to turn into a new cultural center in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Adrian.

Effort is underway for a new cultural center in Adrian’s Sunnyside neighborhood

Laura Parra had a dream — literally. One night a few years ago, she dreamed she was walking around the Sunnyside neighborhood east of Adrian when she saw a building, opened up like a garage, with Oaxacan-style ceramics lining the walls and people sitting at tables, working, creating art. That dream ended up being the inspiration for what Parra hopes will become a new center for community and culture in Adrian: the Sunnyside Cultural and Historical Center for Peace and Justice, to be located at 2471 E. Maumee St. in the building that was once the Red Door tavern. Parra said the center — which also goes by the abbreviated name of Sunnyside Center for Peace and Justice — could serve many functions. Continue Reading